Wyatt Vaughn

Wyatt Vaughn


Hello everyone,

We are Katrina and John David Vaughn, the proud parents of a very active young man named Wyatt Vaughn. We live and work at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch near Amarillo, TX where Wyatt is an 11-year-old 5th grader at Mimi Farley Elementary School here on the ranch. Wyatt is a typical outdoorsy boy who dreams of someday becoming a Texas Game Warden. From an early age, Wyatt was fascinated with the Game Wardens and all the animals they protect and care for. If the great state of TX didn’t have an age or educational requirement, he would have been a Game warden at 6. He already had the uniform!

As well as the local GW’s who know and follow Wyatts growth and accomplishments, he is surrounded by a loving family and friends who support him and cherish the time watching him grow and excel at all the things a boy loves to do. Whether its hunting, fishing, rodeo, shooting hoops or making some very entertaining wrestling videos, Wyatt has an uncanny ability to hyper focus on the task at hand. Recently, Wyatt has started tying his own flies for trout fishing.

His love of fishing started very early, and we all encouraged him every chance we got. We soon found him reading every magazine and watching every YouTube video he could to learn about the sport. His grandfather or “Pop” has numerous videos of him not just fishing, but explaining the rod, the line, the lure, the water, and every detail of the whole process. His love of fishing isn’t just limited to what he gets out of it. He is truly happy to see others enjoy it as well. He really is excited for someone else to get their new PB! He is a great instructor for younger kids as well as teaching his old “Pop” a thing or two. It is a real joy to watch.

Wyatt’s love of fishing has especially been encouraged by family friend, Travis Hanson, AKA ‘Uncle Chubs’. Uncle Chubs is always up for a FaceTime call to see Wyatt’s new fishing gear. He has taken Wyatt crappie fishing and bass fishing. He’s also endured some spirited trashing talking along the way. This summer, Wyatt caught a fish of a lifetime (Wyatt’s personal best bass at 11 pounds, 8 ounces), thanks to a guided fishing trip with Uncle Chubs.

Wyatt enjoys all types of fishing, including bass fishing, catfish, crappie, trout and has attended one deep sea fishing trip!

Wyatt is proud to support Pink Fishing and wear their gear. He will be a great Pink Fishing ambassador for many years to come.