William Gross, Pink Fishing Pro Staff, Freshwater

William Gross



I am William Gross and I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I have been fishing most of my life and fishing bass tournaments for 10 years. I love everything about fishing; learning new things, meeting new friends, enjoying the outdoors with family, and much more.

I love to teach people from kids to adults, to catch fish. My goals for Bass fishing are to start doing clinics for kids as well as adults, and personal training for fishing. I also would like to fish the top-level events. Right now, I fish a local bass club and Wal Mart BFL events.

When I found out about Pink Fishing, I knew I had to be a part of it. I have friends that have battled Breast Cancer, and some that still are. I am a Registered Nurse, so it is great to be able to combine my 2 passions of fishing and helping people.

I was so excited to become part of the Pink Fishing Team! Once a part of Team Pink Fishing, I soon found out it’s not just a great team for a great cause, but a family. That’s when I knew I had to be a part of the Pro Staff to help open doors to help the cause even more.