Sue Bailey

Sue Bailey


Cape May County, New Jersey


Fire Bureau Clerk


I was born in Philadelphia, PA and moved to Cape May County, NJ where I met my husband Bob, of 33 years. If you’re from the east coast, you would understand when I say that I live “down the shore!” I am currently employed by our local fire bureau as a clerk, but my true passion lies in creating glass beads and jewelry and of course, bass fishing! We enjoy camping during the summer months, and always have tackle with us and try to fish as often as possible. My brother Dan introduced me to The Bassholes where I’ve met so many interesting people and learned so much.

My husband and I are weekend anglers, fishing at our favorite private lake which we call Sammy’s pit, so what better way to help and promote breast cancer awareness and research than with Pink Fishing! I wear my Pink Fishing shirts everywhere and many people have commented on them. While I can’t physically participate in walkathons to raise funds for breast cancer research, I can and do promote it through Pink Fishing. Stickers adorn my car, my boat, my tackle bag, our camper, even my darts case! Even my fishing rod is pink and has a pink rod cover. Naturally, my favorite bait is a pink worm! During the summer, I can be found wearing one of my Pink Fishing hats most all the time.


Sammy’s Pit


Someday I would love to participate in a tournament, but for now I’m just enjoying life and making every day count. If I bring awareness of Pink Fishing’s efforts to just one person, in my mind I have succeeded in helping the battle.


Breast cancer has affected just about everyone. My first encounter was through my Aunt Jane. She was the first person I ever knew with the disease. Aunt Jane was fortunate enough to beat breast cancer for many years, only to have it return again and take her from us last year. Since that time I have known quite a few women with this disease. When my brother Dan (Stealthfisher) Dougherty’s wife Gail developed breast cancer, it was a true shock. How could she have cancer? She was younger than me. It had to be a mistake. She was a very healthy person. Dan and Gail brought to me an awareness that rocked me to my core. Feeling frustrated and unable to help I donated, where and when I could. I found out about Pink Fishing through Dan and Gail. My name is Sue Bailey, and I am a proud member of Team Pink Fishing.