Ryan Simpson


Ryan Simpson


Plano, Texas




I started fishing when I was about 5 years old. When my father was fishing in the McDonald’s Tournaments, I instantly took interest. He would come home with plaques with 1st place. Fast forward 10-12 years. I fished here and there, didn’t have much time due to going back and forth from my dad’s to my mother’s house and moving a lot. My dad and I fished in the Forney Bass Club for a year. This was the first tournament I had ever fished and we did really well. Fishing has been a part of my life forever and something that just will never change. I can say that recently, I have learned so much more than I ever have.


I’m currently fishing in a small club with a good friend of mine who is also part of Team Pink Fishing. Next year, we will be fishing in the Northeast Division of Media.


Just about anywhere I can get a line wet.


To fish one time in the FLW or at least fish in the Texas Team Trail and have fun while doing it.


Pink Fishing, Peska Rods, Snack Daddy Lures


I wanted to be involved in Pink Fishing because of the great cause they are spreading. Breast cancer is no joke and should not be taken lightly. I have seen people lose loved ones because of this cancer and it’s very sad to see. So I got involved to help spread the word of not only Pink Fishing and what they have done to donate to a great foundation, but to open folks eyes to see that this is real. As a fire fighter, we wear pink shirts for breast cancer awareness, so to join a great team just made it that much better.