Robert Prizzi, Pink Fishing Pro Staff, Freshwater



From birth until the present, I have always resided on the North Coast of Ohio in the city of Euclid.

I was born into a family of fisherman/people. Many of my earliest memories are of going to the upper Cuyahoga River (yes, the one that would later catch fire and become the butt of many jokes), with my parents and grandparents with cane poles and bobbers catching bluegill and catfish.

Later in the Boy Scouts the education continued, and I graduated to bass fishing. A break was taken during high school to play sports and meet my future wife. During the 80’s I was introduced to Canadian fishing by my father/uncles/grandfather that remains one of my favorites to this day. It was during that time that I started building my own rods and joined my first local bass club (NAMCO Bassmasters). 

Another break was taken to spawn and introduce two new girls to the joys of fishing. As they aged, in the 90’s, they were the focus of our family Canada fishing trips. When they left the nest, tournament fishing (3 a month) and hunting became the time passing activity. A quick 2-month break was again taken 7 years ago for a short hospital vacation for open heart triple bypass. 

Being from a fishing family, my brother was one of my partners, my dad at times, and as of late, my lovely wife Jackie. I have had other fishing partners throughout the years, and recently joined up with fellow Pink Fishing Pro Staffer, William Gross. I try to keep up with my 2-3 tournament circuits per month, but my favorite is the All Electric DoBass Ladue Series. (

One of my proudest moments was when 5 years ago, our oldest daughter contacted us and requested that she would like us to set up a fishing trip to Canada with the family (parents, grandparents, uncle, sister, etc….) and her fiancé. Keeping the tradition alive.

Through fishing I have met many interesting/famous people (Ish, Ike, Lefebre, Vatalaro, etc….), and many not so famous, but very influential and educational people. My greatest and most disappointing (0 keeper fish 3 days) accomplishment was being invited to the 2018 Ray Scott Championship on the Red River. I would love to say my goal is to bring home a check every time, (which it is), but I am more than happy to be on the lake with great friends, fishing and learning. 

Cancer has affected all of us in many ways. My family has not been excluded. I have lost a father-in-law and uncle to prostate cancer, friends to other forms, and within the past couple of years discovered my sister, sister-in-law (twice) and a beer brewing buddy have all been affected by breast cancer. When I was introduced to Pink Fishing, I knew this was an organization I wanted to be associated with. Helping the fight by fishing and spreading the word of awareness to everyone.

If you are ever on Ohio’s North Coast around Cleveland/Euclid, and want to chat, coffee, dine, or fish, contact me any time – [email protected]