Photo Contest Submission

To submit your photo for the monthly contest, please complete the form below.  You must be wearing Pink Fishing apparel to be considered.


Contest Terms

By submitting a photo for consideration I agree to the terms and conditions below:

By submitting this Photo Contest contact form, I hereby consent to the online publication of the image I am providing to Pink fishing as a part of its monthly photo contest.

I also understand that Pink fishing may, at its own discretion, use the photo in advertisements, marketing campaigns, on the web site, social media outlets, or any other way it sees fit.

In consideration of the publication of said image by Pink, I hereby release Pink Fishing staff and representatives. from any claim that I may have, or that may accrue to me by virtue of the use of said image in accord with this consent.

I understand that Pink Fishing reserves the right to reject any image or refuse to publish same without cause or explanation to me, and should the image be rejected by Pink Fishing staff, I waive any objection thereof.

I certify that I am over the age of 18 and I am the legal owner of the photo that I am submitting.