Pete Carter, Pink Fishing Pro Staff, Freshwater

Pete Carter


San Diego, CA


Owner of Reckless Rodents Audio Video Contractor


I started fishing when I was young and loved to fish for fun with my family. My mom and dad took us fishing from day one; they were one of my biggest fishing inspirations. When we had half days at school, while my dad was working my mom would come pick us up and take us to the local lakes. Just growing up fishing was awesome. As I got older, my brother and I went fishing at least 2 or 3 times a week hitting all the little, back ponds, hiking and exploring new places around the lakes in our area. In my teenage years I got into BMX really heavy and didn’t fish as much, but I was getting BMX sponsors and learning the roles of being part of a team. Later in life, I ended up getting married and having a beautiful family. I got our son into BMX and in 2014, while I was training him riding our bikes at one of our local lakes, I had a tragic accident where I hit my head so hard, I had seizure in front of my family. At that point, it was time to put the BMX bike away and pick up a rod again and to fish. Anybody that knows me, you know I have an addictive personality, so it was on like Donkey Kong. I fished many countless hours on the water day and night and started getting recognized on social media platforms all over. I decided to pick up a couple of awesome sponsors and they started coming in just like when I was riding bikes. In 2015, I was a part of a float tubing group in San Diego and we started to get recognized and it was fun. But after being a part of that, we decided to all break free …kind of like musicians lol. I decided to do a couple tournaments in 2016. I got the opportunity to fish some ABA WON bass tournaments at Lake Mead, some night Western Bass Tournaments here in the San Diego area and it was a blast!
Late 2016 is the year I wanted to join Pink fishing and help! I have had so many people in my family who have had cancer, fighting and battling breast cancer and I wanted to help. I knew this is where I needed to be. So, I reached out to a fellow teammate and asked her what can I do about getting on to the team. Couple months later, I was on the team and fishing tournaments again and raising money for an awesome cause. 2017 came and I wanted to make a another move to build baits and HISTORY was made from there. I took from all my previous experiences, from networking, sponsoring, team building, donating and put all my blood, sweat, and tears into this. I figured this is the best move building baits for people to fish and have fun. I really have no competition besides with myself, I always just wanna be better than myself yesterday. I love giving back to the community and donating to the NBCF through Pink Fishing as much as I can. For my dedication, I was awarded the Robert Mollergren, Team Pink Fishing Member of the Year 2018 and promoted to a Pro Staff position. Now it is 2019 and I’m still building baits and representing Pink Fishing to the fullest.


Team Pink Fishing, Team Yankin Lips, Reckless Rodents, Team Line Cutterz, Team Reel Lifestyles, Ultraskiff, Bucket Mouth Baits


Online Float Tube/Belly Boat Tournaments, ABA, WON BASS at Lake Mead, Western Bass at Otay, El Cap, San Vicente Lakes, East County Bait and Tackle night time series San Vicente, Otay


I am very thankful for being on this family team!!! I wanted to be here for one thing and one thing only, that is to educate others about breast cancer and other types of cancer, to my friends and my family who have been through it and who are going through it. “Reeling in the Cure” is one of the best slogans I have ever heard and I’m all for it!!! If I can educate, donate, and make someone smile…. well my day is complete. God bless each and every one out there on this planet earth!


I also want to say from the bottom of my heart, Bob was one of my biggest inspirations and Pink Fishing. I would talk to him weekly from across the United States on social media platform. I never met him in person unfortunately, but I felt like I had known him for years. So, from the bottom of my heart, I wanted to do something that I had never seen done before. That was to do something in his memory, create a handmade bait in his honor and watch it travel to every single state in the United States. It is unbelievable!!! I want to thank each and every one of you that has been a part of this journey for Bob and for his family. Bob touched so many of our hearts and our lives and I want to keep that going in his name. He and I would talk for hours about bait making and graphics… I continued on the bait making but I have put down the graphics since. He is a huge inspiration on my bait building and what I’m doing today I wanna THANK YOU BOB!!