Paul Smith, Pink Fishing Pro Staff, Freshwater




My name is Paul Smith and I’m from Spotsylvania, VA. I have 2 teenage children and a beautiful wife. Fishing is my passion. When I’m on the water I am free. I fish for Bass nation of Virginia, several small bass clubs, and fun fishing. I heard about Pink Fishing from a buddy of mine, actually an ex pro staffer. My wife has had several different types of cancer, but breast cancer was our biggest fight. This thing is the devil! It affects everyone around it without remorse. Whether you have it or not, you have that dreadfulness and helplessness. I have joined the Pink Fishing family to spread awareness so that people know signs and symptoms to watch for. We did not have any good knowledge when we dealt with this so I wanted to be a part of something absolutely great that can help give to research, hopefully one day eliminating this monster. My wife has been clean for 6 years now.


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