Pat Bottoms

Pat Bottoms

Pat Bottoms


Pilot Mountain, NC


Former employee of Surry County and Stokes County Sheriff’s Dept


When I was a little girl, all my cousins that lived close by were boys. So I grew up a tomboy. My Dad used to take me fishing….we have spent many hours on a river bank, pond fishing….he passed away 1 yr and 5 months ago. Anyway, I grew up hunting and fishing with my Dad. I remember in the old days before satellite and cable, watching Bill Dance in his boat on a pond or lake, and thinking “Man I would love to do that!” And then I met my husband who loves to hunt and fish. We decided to not have children so that we could pursue our passions in the wild. We’ve been together 28 yrs, married for 26. We have never lived beyond our means. That is why we do not have a big nice fiberglass boat, we have a 16′ boat with 50hp on it. Everything that we have is paid for. The only bills we have are the monthly bills (power, phone etc). We’re not rich by any means, far from it, however, we are richly blessed in many ways.


High Rock Lake, Randleman Reservoir, Lake Wylie, Lake Norman, Lake Thomalex, W. Kerr Scott Reservoir, Lake Jeanette, Jordan Lake. I love fishing for fun and am on the water as much as possible.


I want to be a part of Team Pink Fishing because I have had several friends that have had, survived or are currently being treated for breast cancer. I know how it has affected them as I watched them endure. I want to do whatever I can to promote breast cancer awareness and the importance of being tested. I pledge to be a member with integrity and represent the team in a positive and informative way. I will hold myself to the utmost standards.