Mike and Walker Baird


My name is Michael Baird, 63 years old from Thomasville North Carolina. We also have a place on High Rock Lake, 20 minutes from our other house.

Hi everyone, I’m Michael Baird and it’s great meeting ya, we are from High Rock Lake in North Carolina. I team with my 11-year-old grandson Walker Baird, besides being a beast on the water, and having a beautiful smile and charming personality… He loves Jesus and he is my reason for everything!

We are WB16 fishing! Coming from Eastern Tennessee, my dad was an avid outdoorsman. I grew up fishing and hunting with him. My earliest memories fishing was pond fishing until we got on Watauga Lake. Many years ago, as a young man, I fished the Red Man to the FLW. As much as I loved to fish, I needed to work, and being on the road made it terribly difficult. For many years afterwards I kept a boat in the garage but rarely fished. After the birth of my grandson Walker in 2011, this would change. I had him fishing at the age of 2, he loves it all, but he loves to catch those green fish more than any of the others. His PB is 8.3 on largemouth, 3.21 crappie and I don’t remember what it was on blue catfish, but it was over 50lb I believe. He is an absolute beast on the baseball field, 1st baseman, catcher, relief pitcher, and a solid fundamental player and gives 100% at everything. He loves to work in the yard, in the garage. Whatever he can do to help, he is all over it. And he’s very responsible. He started an organic egg business at five years old raising all the chickens from babies. He’s a good boy with a heart the size of the state of Texas.

After the death of our son (Walker’s Dad) in 2018 and serious complications with my health, I was reminded how short and precious life is. So, I recently retired early, to concentrate on family and Walker’s dream of a fishing career. At the age of 10, he started fishing tournaments and has chosen his college to fish and play baseball for! Go Clemson!! He wants to study to be a wildlife enforcement officer so he can remain on and around the water while he works on a fishing career. Our tournament trails don’t start until September, but until then we will be fishing benefits, fundraisers, and local team tournaments, and practicing hard!

I became all too familiar with breast cancer when my sister (my champion and hero) began the fight. She passed in 2002. Our family battle with breast cancer would not be over, as my niece was diagnosed in 2008 and has been battling it since. I thank God daily that she is in remission.

Walker is very excited for the invitation to be on the Junior Prostaff with Pink Fishing. He will be a wonderful representative on and off the water. I’ve taught him that the journey doesn’t end at the boat ramp. Everything you’ve seen, heard, and felt follows you home. It’s up to you what you do with them. If it’s bad, you talk to God and us about it. Make a lesson plan from it, or let it go. If it’s good, be proud and share it, because you never know how your story can affect someone else in a positive way. Each and every day, try to change the life of someone without knowing you have. Be humble, be kind and loyal as you walk. We’re not looking for anybody to give us gear, boat wraps, truck wraps (boat and truck wraps would be great!! Lol), recognition or anything people hope for when they put a brand on themselves. We have great sponsors that take care of much of that! We were looking for a family team with like-minded people that make a difference…. Reason and Cause… The basis of all things. We are each other’s reason… Now for the cause. Team Pink!