Mark Mason, Pink Fishing Pro Staff, Freshwater



I was born and raised in Belleville, IL and currently reside in Collinsville, IL.

I played any sport I could (and some we invented) while growing up. Being close to St. Louis, baseball seems to be in our blood at an early age. However, I excelled at hockey and played on several select teams. I was drafted to play Junior hockey when I was 17 but turned it down to stay close to home.

I’ve always loved the outdoors. I remember as a kid my dad hauling the jon boat up the hill and into the bed of the truck many weekends to venture off to the strip pits. I’m certain that’s where my passion for bass fishing was born. If only they had it in high school and college back in my day. 

Table Rock Lake is my happy place and favorite lake. We started vacationing there when was 8 years old. We still spend a week or two each June there fishing, swimming and enjoying the peace and beauty of the Ozark Mountains.

I fished the clubs when I graduated high school and have been fishing Anglers Choice for the last 14 years. When I’m not chasing that championship or dreams of the B.A.S.S. or FLW tour, I work as a Digital Project Manager for and agency in the St. Louis area.

Tina was diagnosed with – and beat – breast cancer in 2014. Researching that disease and an ironic encounter with a Pink Fishing wrapped boat at Guntersville that year led to the the Pink Fishing family. It’s a pleasure to be part of the team and to spread the word.

Feel free to contact me any time – [email protected]