Manny Aldrich Altman


Manny Aldrich Altman


Jacksonville Florida


President Tailin’ Toads llc


I have been fishing since I was 3 off the beach on Padre Island. The Gulf and being one with nature is in my blood. I feel like I am almost one with the fish!! I know that sounds funny, but I actually talk to them when I am fishing…it gets the job done!! Ha! Fishing is way beyond a passion to me, it is my way of life. Being on the water is where I feel closest to peace and Heaven! It is amazing!


Tailin’ Toads llc
Corner Lot Properties
Orange Star Rods


Elite Redfish Challenge IFA Redfish Series PowerPole Florida Pro Nauti-Girls


Elite Redfish Challenge 2013 Team of the Year.
Nauti-Girls 2012 tournament – 1st place Redfish – 1st place Trout


I was introduced to Pink Fishing through Facebook, and several bass Anglers. I went onto the Pink Fishing website as soon as I could, and research about what exactly the Pink Fishing Organization is all about. I have to say, I was moved beyond measure at the love and passion that jumps off the page! I knew immediately, if I could help in some way, I would!! And now, after talking and working with y’all, I feel that I am part of a family that is working hard to find a cure for breast cancer. The compassion and warmth you all show to everyone makes me want to be an even bigger presence in y’all’s family! I am proud and in awe of you all. I am beyond honored to be a part of the Pink Fishing Family!!! Reeling in the Cure on fish at a time!!! Let’s do this!!!!:)