LeAnna Burling


LeAnna Burling


Ironton, OH; Lives in Union, OH


Registered Nurse in the Operating Room, Member of the Open Heart and Cardiovascular Team.


I started fishing around age 3, caught my first fish on my little zebco and fell in love with it. I grow up on a horse farm and competed in Barrel racing, pole bending, keyhole, halter and western pleasure. I grow up deer hunting and it spread to hunting everything. But always loved fishing the most.

When I graduated RN school my graduation present to myself was a brand new Triton Bass boat. I didn’t know anything about owning a boat more less driving one but I caught on really fast. The first team tournaments I fished I was the only Woman and I always wondered why. But once I moved to Union Ohio I was walking thought the fishing section at Gander Mountain and found a pamphlet for Guys and Dolls Bass Club. I snatched it right up and as soon as I got home showed my boyfriend at the time and said look what I found!! So we joined the club and have been fishing it for 3yrs. The past 2 yrs we have held 1st place in all 3 Categories: Team of the year, Big Bass, and Overall Points Champion. My Dream is to move us to Texas so we can fish the Texas Team Trail tournaments. It’s getting closer but hasn’t happened yet. On March 30, 2012 my boyfriend (Louie) who I had explained to him when we first started dating that I wouldn’t be with him if he didn’t fish and he said the same went for him as well, proposed to me on Lake Fork in Texas. Then on April 1, 2013 ( yes April Fools Day) we were married at Lake Fork. Our wedding present to each other was a 2013 Legend Alpha 211 bass boat. It was a win win for both of us. Our first anniversary was also spent on Lake Fork.


My husband and I fish all over the United States. My Favorite Lake for Largemouth would have to be Lake Fork in Texas. My favorite Smallmouth Lake would be Lake St.Clair in Michigan. I really enjoy a place in Michigan called Fletcher’s Pond. It has largemouth, smallmouth, Northern Pike, and Perch to name a few. So you never know what you will catch. And the scenery is breath taking. Strengths in fishing: Crankbaits, Jig fishing, Drop shot, Texas rig. Using a bait caster. Weakness: Jerkbaits, fluke, Alabama rig. Using a spinning reel but it’s getting better.


Why Pink Fishing? Well as a Nurse Breast Cancer Awareness was always something I wanted to be involved in. Then I came across a Pink Fishing Logo one day and I was so happy. I can combine my Nursing with My favorite thing I love to do (Fishing) and help spread the awareness and raising money to Find the Cure! It’s the best of both things I hold dear to my heart. I have lost a really dear friend to Breast Cancer and My husband has lost one aunt and has another aunt who is a survivor. So Reeling in the Cure is where I need to be!