Kelley Zimmerman, Pink Fishing Pro Staff, Freshwater



Kelley-ZimmermanMy husband is the true fishermen in this couple. He’s been fishing all his life and made regionals 3 times for the ABA Bassmaster weekend series, prior to my diagnosis.  His main goal was to make it to Nationals and compete for a spot at the Classic.  The day I found out I had cancer, he received the call that he had made it to Nationals and needed to be in Alabama that weekend.  I told him to go. This was his dream and it was so very, very important to both of us…his decision….He stayed with me and gave up that opportunity..   We agreed to fight this battle together and when it subsided, he would return to fishing…  When I found out that the cancer metastasized and I wasn’t sure how long I had, I told him I needed to see him reach his goal before anything happened to me… He agreed to continue competing… that next spring, 2013, we showed up for the first tournament and shared with our “fishing family” what I was facing and that I may not be around much longer. That’s when Pink Fishing, team member, Mike Kaminskas approached Dave and told him about a unique group:  Pink Fishing…  They quickly embraced both of us and provided much needed comfort, support and hope. We continued fishing and even competed in 2 couple tournaments. Fishing for me gives me peace, and solace.  Fishing with my best friend is priceless. We connect with nature and each other and share a passion for the sport. We’ve made so many friends as a result.

It’s been a long 6 years, and I’ve had 5 surgeries and multiple treatments. Had it gone in to remission 2x’s and I’m still here. My current prognosis is this..I have Metastatic Breast Cancer.  I will be living with this disease for the rest of my life. There will be days when it’s active and we have to switch treatments and days when it’s dormant and treatment is working. It’s not an easy diagnosis, but it’s not a death sentence either. It’s a chronic condition, much like diabetes or hypertension.  I have to learn to adjust my lifestyle to live in spite of it. Someday they may cure this, but for now, it’s my cross and I’m choosing to bear it in style and grace.

Who am I ?

Friend, Colleague, Wife, Warrior, Fighter, Thriver…

6 years ago, my life was forever changed. I made a pact then and I stand by it today…  1 Day to cry, 1 day to ask Why and then we fight… That’s what we do….   Pink Fishing is not just another group hoping for a cause. We’re a family working hard so that no one ever battles this disease alone. We fight and pray and support each other.  

Cancer will not win…