Justin Hobbs


Justin Hobbs


The Colony, Texas


I work at a company called Heat Shrink Innovations, we produce medical tubing used in minimally invasive heart surgery.


I started fishing as a kid in our back yard, also going to the edge of town and fishing the local dam. As I got older, kids that were older than me took me out to Lake Tschida, south of Hebron. I moved to Bowman, ND and started to fish Bowman Haley Dam where everybody said the lake was dead. Boy, did I prove them wrong! Figured the lake out, caught the heck out of walleyes and taught the locals all of my tricks. I got the local police department to help me start a kids fishing derby, which was a huge success. I then moved to Mobridge, SD fishing local tournaments and starting a guide service. Guided for about 12 years and fished local tournaments for about 12 years. Fished pro tournaments also. Moved to Mobile, AL, started to fish the local river and Big Creek Lake, but had to learn to bass fish, which is a big difference from walleye fishing. With hard work and determination, I think I’m getting it down!


I am a member of a small bass club, fishing northeast Texas lakes; it’s a team fishing club. Next season, my partner and I are going to join Media Bass, Texas Northeast Team Division.


My favorite fishing spots are a secret. And I won’t tell anyone.
Kidding, I love any of the small northeast Texas lakes, they are fished less than other larger lakes like Fork. They are great lakes that hold a lot of quality fish.


I don’t ever want to make fishing seem like a job; I think that would take some of the enjoyment away. But on the other hand, I want to climb as high as I can. I guess I’ll find that happy medium somewhere, someday.


Pink Fishing


I wanted to get involved with Pink Fishing not because of any emotional reasons at all. I’ve never had any family members or anyone close to me have breast cancer or any other type of cancer. I wanted to get involved with a fishing team or organization and when we found Team Pink I thought it was the right one because we have a worthy cause in mind while supporting the team. We’re doing something bigger than just fishing.