John Robinson

John Robinson

John Robinson


Lawrenceburg, KY



About Me

I started fishing when I was kid, with my dad. Anywhere he went, I went. Since I’ve been a kid, I have been a bass fishing addict. It wasn’t until late June 2006, that I landed a largemouth bass that weighted 8lbs and 10oz. Right then and there, I knew I was hooked for life. So as I got older, I looked into different techniques that I could improve my skills and take them to local bass tournaments. My motto I go by: Work hard. Fish harder, chase that dream and never give up.


I’m currently fishing in a small club with a good friend of mine who is also part of Team Pink Fishing. Next year, we will be fishing in the Northeast Division of Media.


Willisburg Lake, Taylorsville Lake, Lake Cumberland, Green River Lake


I want to fish professionally one day. More than anything, I want to show people you can achieve anything. With determination, integrity, and respect anything is possible.


Pink Fishing, Crème Lures, Jack Ontario Custom Rods


I want to get involved with Pink Fishing as much as possible. My granny was a breast cancer survivor. Let alone, I couldn’t tell you how many people I know that died from cancer. As a firefighter I feel that people should give back and support their community. And Pink Fishing does that. I feel that you should follow your heart and make a difference in everybody’s life. I’m excited to promote Team Pink Fishing at fishing tournaments, seminars and any public gatherings I attend. And together, we can “Reel in the Cure”!