Jen Jackson

Jen Jackson


Cropwell, Alabama


YWCA Central Alabama


I am 28 years old and was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and went fishing maybe a handful of times before the age of 26. I have two amazing boys, Connor and Mason, and a great husband, Professional Angler Chris Jackson. After I met and fell in love with Chris, I also fell in love with fishing, and as time went by, I was eager to learn more about the industry. At that same time, Pink Fishing was brought to my attention.


Team Pink Fishing, Awe Star Custom Bait Company


I have a family member and several friends battling cancer, so this cause is very dear to my heart. I work for a nonprofit agency, so it’s in my blood to help others. I am very excited to be part of Team Pink Fishing and can’t wait to spread the word about breast cancer awareness and that it’s never too late to start fishing!