PRO STAFF | Jacob Melrose, Angler Profile

PRO STAFF | Jacob Melrose, Angler Profile




Oceanside, Ca


Active duty – Marine Corps


I was born and raised in Southwest Colorado and currently live in Oceanside, California. I am, have been serving on active duty in the United States Marine Corps since 2004 till present. I was told I started fishing at the age of three and have been tournament fishing since 2008. I’ve competed in the National Bass West, El Cajon Ford, American Bass Association and California Bass Federation series as well as other open tournaments. I have been an active member and competing with Big Bend Bass, Camp Pendleton Bass Anglers, and North County Bass Anglers. With my career choice, I have not only been able to fish across the United States but also around the world. Follow me on Facebook (Jacob Melrose Fishing), Instagram (jacobmelrose_fishing), and Twitter (@JacobMFishing). Semper FI!


Pink Fishing, Artifishable, Buckeye Lures, Sticky Fish Decals, Ardent Reels, and Boatsticks. I want to thank them all because without them I could not do what I am doing today.


No. of tournaments fished in 2016: 11
No. of tournaments fished in 2017: 5
Name of tournament series participated in: American Bass, Big Bend Bass, and Camp Pendleton Bass Anglers, California Bass Association
2016-2017 tournament finishes:
Tournament _ Water Finish Date
National Bass West Diamond Valley 1st Big Bass 2/27/2011
National Bass West Diamond Valley 10th 5/15/2011
American Bass El Capitan 10th 12/29/2012
American Bass Otay 7th 2/16/2013
American Bass El Capitan 14th 3/2/2013
American Bass Hodges 7th 4/20/2013
National Bass West Diamond Valley 11th 1/27/2013
NBW Wounded Warrior Diamond Valley 11th 5/18/2013
Big Bend Bass Lake Munson 1st Place 4/26/2014
Big Bend Bass Apalachicola River 1st & Big Bass 2/20/2016
Big Bend Bass Lake Seminole 6th 3/19/2016
Big Bend Bass Orange Lake 1st 4/24/2016
Lake Jackson Open Lake Jackson 1st 5/21/2016
Big Bend Bass Lake Jackson 6th 5/22/2016
Big Bend Bass Flint River 5th 6/18/2016
Big Bend Bass Suwannee River 2nd & Big Bass 7/23/2016
Big Bend Bass Apalachicola River 8th 8/20/2016
Camp Pendleton Bass Otay 1st & Big Bass 10/8/2016
Camp Pendleton Bass El Capitan 2nd 11/19/2016
American Bass Otay 1st 11/12/2016
American Bass San Vicente 14th 1/14/2017
American Bass San Vicente 2nd 2/4/2017
Camp Pendleton Bass Lower Colorado River 6th & Big Bass 3/2/2017
California Bass Fed Otay 4th 3/5/2017
American Bass San Vicente 14th 3/18/2017
Big Bend Bass 2014 Runner up Anger of the Year
Big Bend Bass 2016 Angler of the Year


Facebook: Jacob Melrose Fishing
Twitter: JacobMFishing
Instagram: User Name: jacobmelrosefishing


I wanted to get involved with Pink Fishing because as we can all agree cancer is a disease that has effected everyone in one way, shape, or form. I am proud to be in partnership with a company that is doing their part to combat this plague and I want to help in “Reeling in the cure”.