Ivy Harris, Pink Fishing Pro Staff, Saltwater

Ivy Harris


Ivy Harris


Ivy Harris


Winter Garden, FL


Husband, Father, Retired, U.S. Army


I got it honest. My dad still tells me this story. My mom (expecting any day) and dad along with my grandparents, had packed a lunch, hiked 3 miles out in the country to go bluegill fishing on a river in Pearlington, Mississippi. On the drive home, my mom, said, “well, that did it”. I was born later that day. I still remember trekking through the woods myself at age 7 with my dad on our way to one of his favorite fishing holes. Just as vivid, is the memory of getting my very first spinning reel with my allowance money, oh what a day that was. Eventually I transitioned to wade fishing the beaches of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and haven’t stopped since. In 2008 the next chapter began. I’ve been kayak fishing from Virginia to Texas and it has been both rewarding and therapeutic for me. I spent 28 years serving this great country, first in the US Navy and eventually retiring from the US Army in 2016.


Pink Fishing, Yak Tribe Brand Ambassador, Line Cutterz Field Staff, Heroes on the Water Space Coast


IFA Redfish Tour, Tropic Bay Kayak Fishing Classic, CCA Louisiana Ride the Bull Kayak Fishing Tournament, Kayak Wars, SWFL Heroes Inshore Slam, Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge Summer Slam, Florida Sportsman Kayak Challenge, Kayak Jax Classic


When a cancer diagnosis means a frightening realization of the uncertainties of tomorrow, and when we would think that all hope was gone, Pink Fishing helps provide a different perspective on life through fishing. Cancer Sucks! My mom died of ovarian cancer in 1985, I was 15. I remember how helpless and alone I felt, I can’t even imagine what she felt or how my father coped. I am so very proud to be an ambassador for awareness and hope and part of this amazing family. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.