Greg Campbell

Greg Campbell


West Frankfort, IL


Crappie Fishing Guide and Prison Guard


I am a full time prison guard for the state of Illinois and a part time guide on Rend Lake in beautiful southern Illinois for Crappie Xtreme/Rend Lake Crappie Guides. I have been married to my beautiful wife Stacey for over sixteen years and have two beautiful children, Mackenzie and Gabe. I have lived in southern Illinois for most of my life and enjoy the two things I love most, crappie fishing and deer hunting!

I bass fished since about the age of seven, but thirteen years ago found a great love for crappie fishing! After learning the ropes for ten years, I have been a crappie guide on Rend Lake now for four years and love to share my knowledge with the public. My current sponsors are Team Pink Fishing, Crappie Xtreme/Rend Lake Crappie Guides, Rend Lake Fishing Guides, Crazy Angler Tackle, and USSA.


Rend Lake, IL, Kinkaid Lake, IL, Sardis Lake, MS, Grenada Lake, MS


Once I retire from my job, I plan on guiding full time. I also am planning to do some more volunteer work, as I do some now, I will have a lot more time then. Maybe I will get to travel some to help out with Pink Fishing, and USSA which takes kids fishing that have special needs. These two things are very close to my heart!


Pink Fishing would not have meant much to me five years ago, but then my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2008 and it brought my life to a screeching halt. It really messed me up for a bit, but when she got through the surgeries, I found a new love for my mom because of how strong she was! My mom is a five year survivor now and I couldn’t be more proud! Actually our whole family are survivors, because those of you that have been through this know that it can emotionally wreck the whole family.

I try not to take things for granted like I used too! Fishing is my passion, and now I can mix my passion of fishing with my passion to cure this disease that so many women have to fight every year. I am a part of Pink Fishing not only for my mother, but for the friends in my life, and the women I have never met that are fighting this terrible disease on a daily basis! I joined Pink Fishing in hopes of “Reeling in the Cure” and beating this awful disease for what it did to my mom and many others! We have a great family building and would love for everyone to be a part of it! May God bless each and every person who has dealt with this awful disease, and let’s keep “Reeling in the Cure!” May your livewell stay full!