Gary St Clair

PRO STAFF | Gary St Clair, Angler Profile


Hamilton Missouri


Self employed in construction and remodeling.


I’m a father of 4 and also raised my wife’s 3 children. I have an unfounded love for fishing and I enjoy fishing with my family and friends!


I fish 2 local clubs, Crossroads Bass Anglers and Chillicothe Bass Club, which are small clubs but fun, entertaining, and have a great bunch of people in them. I also fish the Anglers in Action Solo Pro Series, Central Elite Pro Series with the CPA, and Webb Outdoors. Most of my tournaments are in Central Missouri and Northern Arkansas!


Grindstone Reservoir located just outside Cameron, Missouri. It is primarily muddy water and a wonderful fishery.


Pink Fishing


That my friends is a tough one, words cannot say enough! My wife and I have a very close friend who has breast cancer, she is doing very good! Her sink may back up, and I can fix that! Broken door I can fix that! Cat stuck in the attic, yup I can fix that!…………PINK is an inspiration and the people I have been introduced to are 2nd to none, I witness 100% giving and hope! I greatly appreciate all the people who are (Reeling in the Cure) taking notice to those in need! THANK YOU!!!!