PRO STAFF | Darren Rivers, Angler Profile

PRO STAFF | Darren Rivers, Angler Profile


Darren Rivers1


Ogdensburg, NY


Ice Fishing Professional


I found myself at a very early age always drawn to the water. Everywhere I look, there is water here in upstate NY, and I always say I am spoiled rotten geographic wise, if you are into the water in any way.
I spent most of my youth competing against adults in the tournament field and that is where I started my mark in the fishing world. Since the early 1990’s, I traveled and competed against some of the best the industry has to offer, but my love to venture drew me away to explore other paths than just competition.
Many years of traveling the world and fishing has led me to this point in life and my home now with Team Pink. It’s a family that is close to my heart and a method and platform for me and others like me to join as one to aid in the fight against a wicked disease. My love for teaching the youth and young female anglers fits perfect with this platform in hopes to teach them the importance of this fight at an early age that effects so many families.


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My goal is to promote to our children to never give up; willpower, love and compassion for our fellow man and the Pink Family is a perfect way to do all of this. Our youth is our future! Through them, lies the answer to so many that suffer. With that being said, I choose to fight for those that can’t or who are too sick to fight and teach our children there is hope when all seems lost.