Dan Dougherty

Dan Dougherty


Formerly from Philadelphia and New Jersey, now living in Midlothian, Virginia


Mechanic for the US Postal Service


When I’m not Fishing, I’m probably thinking about Fishing. I mostly fish from a kayak but am always willing to fish from my Jon Boat or the bank and don my waders every now and then in pursuit of some Trout. I’m mainly a Bass Angler but have done a lot of saltwater fishing for Stripers and Black Drum.


  • To help promote Breast Cancer awareness and to encourage women to periodically perform self checks and schedule mammograms for early detection.
  • To make as many people aware of Pinkfishing.com and all the great work it does in “Reeling in the Cure”.
  • To introduce people to the joys of fishing and kayak fishing.


You have to feel blessed in life when you can truly say that you have found something you love to do and someone you really love to share it with. My wife Gailann and I enjoyed the outdoors, especially fishing on our kayaks because it was another thing that brought us closer together.
Even though Gailann was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she kept her Zest for life and made sure to enjoy all that it had to offer.

My fishing motto is: “ The Charm of Fishing is that it is the Pursuit of what is Elusive, yet Attainable. A Perpetual series of occasions for Hope ! “

The people at PinkFishing.com showed a genuine concern for all that Gailann was going through and offered prayers and support and an opportunity to share Gail’s story on the “Reel Inspiration” and for that I will be eternally grateful !