Courtney Vidonish

Courtney Vidonish


Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania


Full time student, part time worker


I enjoy being out by, on, or in the water! Being a full time student, it is hard for me to make time for hobbies. However, I am fishing every chance I get. I am not a competition fisher, however, I do enjoy learning about competitions. I fish for fun and relaxation and use it as my “Me” time unless I am with family and friends. My idea of happiness is reeling in a fish, and now a CURE.

Favorite Local Fishing Spots

Ravensburg State Park, Rose Valley Lake, Blanchard Dam, Penns Creek


I am proud to be part of Pink Fishing. Although I have been fortunate enough to not have breast cancer take anyone away from me, I have been close with people who cannot say the same. It’s heartbreaking to know the magnitude of this horrible disease, but it is comforting to be assured by positive people like those here at Pink Fishing. Together we will Reel in the Cure.