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Callie Shumway

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Bellefonte, PA


Smallie Queen, Shumbait


I’m a kayak angler that has been pursuing a fishing career for a few years now. I currently am part of the Wilderness Systems Fishing Kayaks pro-team and am the co-captain of Team Pink Fishing. I also represent Denali Rods, Freedom2Fish, Lockett Lures Outlet, and Lure Concepts Fishing Lures. I’m mostly found chasing after smallmouth bass on Pennsylvania Rivers and creeks. When I’m not chasing smallies, I’m often found carp or trout fishing. I believe that fishing is a very positive hobby and I’m always trying to get more people to enjoy the sport as much as I do.


Pink Fishing, Angler Addict, Denali Rods, SBSH, Brady’s Tackle Box, Lure Concepts, and Kick’n Bass

Favorite Rod/Reel

Denali Rosewood Finesse with a Quantum Smoke reel

Favorite Kayak

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100


Fishing, hunting, writing music, sewing, building, making maple syrup


After losing many family members to various types of cancer, many of us decided to get genetic testing done. A lot of my family members, as well as I, have tested positive for the BRCA1 gene. Pink Fishing is such a great organization because they are able to combine my love for fishing with a cause I can honestly relate to. My goals include promoting breast cancer awareness, teaching children to fish, and to eventually have my own outdoor TV show.