Bob Mollergren


South Setauket, New York


Retired Engineer
Retired Protection Professional


My home is on Long Island in New York State. I’m married, with three daughters, five female dogs, and my Mother lives with us. Now you know why I spend as much time as I do away from home BASS FISHING!

I’ve been fishing since the age of ten. Tournament bass fishing since 1986. I belong to BASS, NY Bass Federation, American Bass Anglers, Alliance of Bass Clubs, NE Bassin and proudly the Pink Fishing Team.


ABC, ABA, Fish for the Cure, NE Bassin.


2008 ABC’S Challenge Cup Champion with honors of the Top Boat Award.


Lake Champlain NY/VT – Lake Ontario, NY/Canada – Oneida Lake, NY – Lake Winnipesaukee, NH – Candlewood Lake, CT – Lake Cobbosseecontee, ME


To promote the sport of Bass fishing through education, competition, conservation and fellowship!
To combine my dedication to this sport with my desire to increase awareness of Breast Cancer!


Pink Fishing, PowerTeam Lures, MC Pro Jerseys


My Mother is a Breast Cancer survivor! One of my wife’s and my dearest friends is now fighting the fight of her life! I have several friends that have not been as fortunate.
In January of 2013, while doing a little web surfing, I found an organization that caught my eye, PINK FISHING!
Being a competitive BASS Angler for over 35 years PF gave me the opportunity to continue with the sport that I love and perhaps also “make a difference”!
On January 17, 2013 I have the distinct honor of becoming The PINK FISHING members teams first member.
I received my membership package in the mail. I had a PF hat and a handful of decals and brochures. I started promoting and handing out my literature at every tournament and event I went to. I started to look for Breast Cancer Awareness and FISH FOR THE CURE Tournaments, events, meetings, walks and breakfasts. that I could participate in and show my support.
I started to make and custom air brush pink Awareness baits and jewelry that I gave away at events as promotional items.
I’ve always found pleasure in being artistic with digital images on the computer. I started to do PINK FISHING and Breast Cancer Awareness promotions on Facebook as well as the PF team autograph cards.
In November 2013 I received my first honor from PINK FISHING in the form of Club Member of the Month.
In January of 2014 I was honored by  PINK FISHING, by being asked to join the Pro Staff.
In January of 2016 I was completely blown away by being honored again with the Pro Staff member of the year and a promotion to the Elite Pro Staff!
I now with strength of the PINK FISHING organization continue to work towards:
What would my Mother, my Wife, my three Daughters and everyone who knows me think of me, if I knowingly did not get involved with an organization that involves the love of my sport with the opportunity to fight this horrific disease! What would you think?


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