April Lewandowski

PRO STAFF | April Lewandowski, Angler Profile


Oak Creek, WI


Powertrain Tech I, Machine Operator


I have been fishing most of my life, growing up in the state of Wisconsin. I was exposed to fishing at a very young age when my father started taking me on weekend fishing trips to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Eagle River and then soon after, I started fishing with my oldest brother in the Lake Pickerel area. This is where I
learned my love of fishing and now less than 40 years later, I remain active in the fishing community.


Pink Fishing Pro Staff, Kalbus Country Harbor, which is located on Wisconsin’s largest inland lake, Lake Winnebago, and WI Women Fish Club. Being a member of WI Women Fish, allows me to travel and fish the beautiful state of Wisconsin, giving me the opportunity to participate in local fishing tournaments and to also fish for many different species of fish from ice fishing, shore fishing rivers, and from the boat in all different types of weather. Fishing with many female anglers, this allows me to share the mission of Pink Fishing, Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.

N.P.A.A. (National Professional Anglers Association) Member #866. As a N.P.A.A. member, I’m involved in promotional and educational purposes of products and services
in the outdoor industry and specialize in social media marketing.

Linked-In, the world’s largest professional network, where I’ve been endorsed by many other professionals in the fields of product development, customer service,
manufacturing, strategic planning, sales, and team building.


My father recently passed away from colon cancer. As I’m proud to be a representative of Pink Fishing, I am also grateful to have the tools to help educate my fellow anglers, women and men both, on the many areas of cancer, whether it be breast cancer, colon cancer, or any other cancers that can or will affect people’s lives. As a Cancer Walk Team Leader, I will be organizing Pink Fishing Teams that will take place in the Milwaukee, WI area through the Susan G. Komen organization, Making Strides. Being a member of Kalbus Country Harbor campground gives me the opportunity to expose the Pink Fishing name and products to the angler members of the campground and also educate them on breast health. I also have plans of being a guest speaker at elementary schools to educate young students on cancers that do not discriminate and can affect even the youngest people in our lives, our young children. Together with Pink Fishing, we can make a difference by Reeling in the Cure.