Amanda Newcomb


Amanda Newcomb


Saint Albans, West Virginia


I am the Senior Front Office Coordinator at Express Employment Professionals, a premier staffing agency, and we help people find good jobs and employers find good people.


I have lived in Saint Albans, West Virginia pretty much my whole life or have lived close to it. My ex-husband used to take me out fishing but I wasn’t really much into it at first. At the beginning we were just fishing at ponds and dams from the bank. We eventually got a boat, a really old slow boat! It would embarrass me to ride around in but that didn’t stop me! He taught me some of the basics. He taught me how to fish, rig some of my baits and tie knots. We eventually got divorced. I didn’t give up fishing because of it. I knew I loved it and had to continue learning and developing my fishing lifestyle. My life took a turn for the better! I met my now fiancé Keith at a local fishing tournament! When I seen him carrying that big ole bag of bass to the weigh- in it was love at first site! Aside from him being one of a kind – he has taught me so many new things! I just recently started fishing with my fiancé two years ago. Now I really love fishing! It’s a little crazy being a female tournament angler, but I do enjoy the looks I get from the boys when I bring in a big bag of fish. Rather a thrill because they are not used to women anglers. I get all kinds of questions about how I make it through the whole day without a restroom break. Last year I fished with another female angler during a tournament and was told by the tournament director that we were the first estrogen team he had ever seen through his tournament series. He has been directing tournaments for over 20 years. We were very proud women and the crowd got a kick out of it! We are always trying to spread the word in the paper or local news about how women can be a part of this sport. It’s not a male only sport. We have now moved up to 5 female anglers in our state


TBF/West Virginia Bass Federation
Kanawha River Bassholes Club
Trail of Dreams
Hillybilly Bass
A/E Bassbarn


Summersville Lake in, West Virginia and Okeechobee Lake, FL


My initial goal in fishing life was to become the highest finishing female in West Virginia State History. I accomplished that last year! That was one of the greatest days of my life. Now I have set new goals. One is to fish in the LBAA as well as some BFL Events. I am working very hard, focusing on them, how to do better and use more strategy to my benefit. We are hoping to do some more traveling with FLW Series too.


Team Pink Fishing, Crush’Em Cranks


Last year (2013) I had several close family that passed away. One was my stepfather who had cancer. I enjoyed sharing fishing stories with him. He loved smallmouth fishing as much or if not more than I do. I love how “Reeling in the Cure” gives me another higher meaning to fish. Not only do I love the pink apparel and wear it everywhere, but I have the opportunity to help make awareness and support a cure for Breast Cancer. I am always carrying stickers and pamphlets with me.

I cannot say it enough but I am truly honored to be a part of the Pink Fishing family. This is a wonderful organization that brings people together who wants to Reel in the Cure for Breast Cancer. These people are absolutely amazing. Their love, their struggles, their prayers, their support.. It’s all here. We all want a cure and we can help toward getting that cure. As fishermen and fisherladies we can rock out the apparel and blast out the awareness while supporting the cause.