Mike Godfrey

PRO STAFF | Mike Godfrey, Angler Profile

Mike Godfrey


Rehoboth, MA


Co owner of Grampy’s Bait Shop with my wife and owner of X-Factor Lures


I started fishing when I was young and love to fish for fun whenever I get a chance. I moved to Alabama in 2001, started racing go karts winning many championships in two classes. I got out of that and started back fishing for fun. In 2009, I started fishing small tournaments and really
enjoyed the competition, even though I donated 99% of the time, but continued to strive to be better and hoping some day I would win some of them. I also started painting crankbaits for my buddy and me, and by word of mouth, it got out and soon was painting for the public.

In 2011, I started winning some of the small local tournaments and in 2012 my year changed winning over 16 tournaments, nothing really super big, just local tourneys and Friday night wild cats. That year, my wife and I opened Grampy’s Bait Shop and are still running it today, enjoying it very much.


Team Pink Fishing, Grampy’s Bait Shop, X-Factor Lures, member of BASS, Neely Henry Bass Masters Club, Fun Fishing Tournament Trail, Airport Marine Trail, and Coosa River Team Trail. We also run Friday night and Sunday morning tournaments out of the bait shop. I’m also showing my support to JJ’s Magic, The Rod Glove, and Lake Fork Trophy Lures.


After hurting my knee in 2011, things changed big time, had to sell the boat and become a back seater. I did it to stay in the loop and it was well worth it, learning a lot of things fishing with different people. Now in 2013, I hope to soon get another boat and be fishing a lot more tournaments and even bigger tournaments. I will be fishing the Big Bass Splash on Guntersville this year and hoping to maybe next year, start fishing one of the weekend series or other bigger trails.


I have seen friends and family die from cancer and wanted to get involved with a cancer group this year to show support and help promote it. That’s why I decided to join Team Pink Fishing. It’s an awesome group of people and they all make yea feel like family, not just a member. I urge everyone to become a member of Team Pink and help in “Reeling in the Cure” for breast cancer.