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Pink Fishing Blog

Choiniere Tips – Shakey Head

Hey everyone, I have another deadly tip for you guys. This one is for shakey head fishing. I personally have two finesse techniques that have saved my rear end more than a couple times. One is dropshotting, and one is the almighty but feared shakey head, but I fish mine a little different. A lot […]


Choiniere Fishing Tips – Swim Jigs

Hey everybody, its Joe again. I figured I’d offer my number 1 tip. When normal people hear the words “swim jig” they first think thin hooks, thinner weedguards, and light weight. Well that’s not exactly the case. Yes 90% of swim jigs are exactly that. They are finesse style jigs with a goofy head! But […]


Choiniere Fishing Tips

I figured I would offer a tip that I realized last year. I was fishing in the summer and decided to try fluke fishing. It was new to me. I caught a couple in shallow water and learned a lot about how the fluke works. I threw it a little more at a couple lakes […]


MJ’s Recap of the 2013 Bassmaster Southern Open #1

Sunday Jan 27th – Heavy fog caused me to start my journey later than planned. Once I was able to leave Houma, LA, I had to stop a few times due to the fog along the interstate. It finally burned off around 10:30am and I was able to leave the FL welcome center, where I […]


Thee Fisherman’s Soap Testimonial

As a registered nurse and respiratory therapist, I work in a home health setting where cleanliness is extremely important and even a slight smell can trigger an asthma attack! Before I discovered Thee Fisherman’s Soap, I could not go fishing even the day before work because of the “fishy” smell! I tried different products but […]


Do your part today

By Rich Craven Facts about Breast Cancer in the United States One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women. Each year it is estimated that over 220,000 women in […]


One of my sponsors, and what we do.

By Rich Craven Pink Fishing is proudly a woman owned company. Two women, Tracie and Melanie, who love to fish and who also have a family history of breast cancer decided to show their love of fishing while helping out a great cause. Tracie started fishing with her father and has continued her love of […]


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