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About Us

Pink Fishing is proudly a women owned company. Two women, Tracie and Melanie, who love to fish and who also have a family history of breast cancer decided to show their love of fishing while helping out a great cause.

Tracie started fishing with her father and has continued her love of the sport with her husband while Melanie has been fishing since she was old enough to hold a rod. They met through the fishing industry and their common interests led them to create a clothing line that showed their love of fishing and at the same time helped a cause they both felt strongly about; the battle against breast cancer. They make this possible by donating a percentage of net proceeds to breast cancer research and awareness.

Their Pink Fishing design incorporates the breast cancer awareness ribbon as the ‘P’ in Pink which makes a clear statement. Pink Fishing is a fun and unique niche that targets both women and men who seek fashionable active wear while helping end breast cancer.

Pink Fishing is part of the solution to finding the cure. We are “Reeling in the Cure” one shirt or hat at a time.

Pink Fishing was the easy part, but we needed to come up with a good catch phrase and after a very long lunch meeting it just seemed to happen and “Reeling in the Cure” was born and it all just flowed after that. We had no idea how well it would be accepted and the response has been overwhelming! We are so honored to have so many wonderful people and companies that want to work with us on finding a cure.

We have committed to make a donation of 5000.00 dollars to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. for 2013 and we are very excited about surpassing this goal!

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