Jessica Lyn Doughty, Pink Fishing Pro Staff, Saltwater & Ice Team




I have been on the ocean ever since I can remember and I have always been drawn to the it. I come from a long line of commercial fisherman so naturally my dad got me “hooked” on fishing as soon as I could reel them in. I have always fished saltwater but started out fishing local ponds and kid derby’s when I was little. I have been fishing saltwater for over twenty years with my best fishing partner, my dad. There is something about being on the ocean that is completely addicting to me. I currently work my fulltime job at a credit union, while going to college to pursue a degree in Marine Biology, which I hope to gain my degree and be able to do shark and bluefin tuna research. In addition to work and school I help run Saltwater-Addictions Charters with my dad, where I love being able to bring clients on the ocean and allow them to see and experience things that are a once in a lifetime opportunity. Along with charters we fish the Sturdivant Island Tuna Tournament, which I am also a board member for, that donates money for scholarships to local Maine community college students. Saltwater flows through my veins and I am so lucky to be able to share my ocean adventures and support the cure at the same time. 


I am truly honored to be part of Team Pink Fishing. I, like so many other people, have personally had multiple loved ones effected by cancer. I believe in paying it forward and the fact that I am able to support such a great cause by doing something I’m passionate about is amazing to me.


Calm winds, smooth seas and tight lines
Jessica Lyn Doughty